Left to right: Shanna Durocher (CLCFN) Lily Aubichon (ERFN) Allison Iron (CLCFN) Jade McKay (FDFN) Darlene Matchee (FDFN) Sahayle Norman (FDFN) Betthany Thomas (FNU Program Support) Carrie Lavallie (Associate Professor) Jennifer Fontaine (Doula Instructor)

The Indigenous Birth Support Worker Certificate

The Indigenous Birth Support Worker Certificate is an 18-credit program offered on a full-time or part-time basis. This program began as a pilot project primarily offered at the FNUniv Northern Campus, Prince Albert, during the Winter 2023 academic term. The Birth Support Worker program was developed to certify and assist learners in working in community to develop their own land-based birthing support practices.

The Indigenous Birth Support Worker program is NOW OPEN to students across Saskatchewan for our Fall 2023 and Winter 2024 academic terms. There are options for full-time (2 days) or part-time (one day per week) studies, with the practicum being 2 full weeks onsite and then four weeks in their home community. Students are encouraged to contact Student Success Services for the application and admission process. Those interested in applying can apply through FNUniv northern campus with

Jackie Nixon Academic Advisor and Student Counsellor

p: 306.765.3333 Ext. 7135

[email protected]

Students who are interested in taking IBWC might be funded through their post-sec, Labour Force funding, or Maternal Child funding from ISC.

The Indigenous Birth Support Worker Certificate program will be offered remotely to select areas starting Winter 2024. FNUniv welcomes communities that are interested and encourage them to contact Bethany Thomas at FNUniv for further details.

Please contact me with any further questions or inquiries.

Bethany Thomas- Curriculum Developer Associate

306 765-3333 Ext. 7503

[email protected]

[Post archived from the 2018 Math Minds Summit]

Do you wish more students were able to join mathematical conversations and make better sense of mathematical tasks?

Come engage in tasks that allow students of all math abilities to join classroom conversations and make sense of the math. I will share classroom tested routines and lesson design principles you can implement immediately.

Andrew Stadel has been a Math Instructional Coach for Tustin Unified School District in California since 2014. Having taught secondary math for over ten years, he believes estimation is one key to building number sense. On his widely-acclaimed website, Estimation 180, Andrew offers teachers free estimation challenges, lessons, and readymade resources to use with their students.

Andrew also shares his passion for student thinking, problem-solving, and lesson design when presenting at national conferences or consulting with school districts and teachers across the country.

Each day of the school year I present my students with an estimation challenge. I love helping students improve both their number sense and problem solving skills. I’d like to share the estimation challenges with you and your students.

Happy Estimating!