About Our Self-Determination Initiative

Learn more about how the Meadow Lake Tribal Council is leading new governance initiatives…

The Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC) continues to work for the advancement of the nine Meadow Lake First Nations and their collective pursuit of self-determination. Most recently, MLTC, with the endorsement of its member nations, is leading a new governance initiative which seeks to make the nine MLFNs more autonomous over the management and administration of Justice and Lands & Resources programming.

The Government of Canada has invited the MLFNs to collectively join a discussion table under the Recognition of Indigenous Rights and Self-Determination Process (“RIRSD Process”). The RIRSD Process provides an opportunity for the MLFNs to take over jurisdiction in key areas of governance and have their jurisdiction recognized by the federal government as an exercise of their section 35(1) rights and enforced by federal legislation.

This new initiative consists of a nation-to-nation negotiation process undertaken by the MLFNs and the federal government with full intention of expanding the process to include the Government of Saskatchewan as well. The negotiations seek to re-assume jurisdiction over priority areas identified by the MLFNs.

The Negotiations

The Tribal Council has selected a Negotiation Team which will be responsible for developing the negotiations framework on behalf of the MLFNs and ensuring that their best interests are at the heart of the negotiations process.

Overseeing this initiative is an array of professionals and dedicated personnel which make up the negotiations team:

  • Gordon Iron, MLTC CEO, Lead Negotiator
  • Allisun Rana, Rana Law, Lead Legal
  • Holly-Ann Penny, Rana Law, Legal
  • Christine Derocher, MLTC Senior Director of Programs and Services
  • Patrick Derocher, Project Manager
  • Lawrence McIntyre, MLTC Dene Vice Chief, A/Project Manager
  • Harold Johnson, Justice Expert
  • Jeff McCallum, Communications
  • Rhonda Jack, MLTC Administrative Support
  • Lana Garcelon, Researcher
  • Christine Fiddler, Researcher
  • Taylor Vodden, Rana Law, Researcher

The endorsement from all the MLFNs Chiefs and Councils carries forward a strong message of solidarity to Government and the membership within our Nations. Self-determination is the evolution of community leadership and ever necessary to guide the MLFNs in the right direction.

Current Projects

Ancestral Territory Mapping – Each of the MLFNs will be developing a map of their ancestral lands which will be a valuable reference tool for all future projects and developments.

Community Surveys and Outreach – The development of a brief community survey is one tool being used to gather information from MLFNs members who wish to contribute to the project as a whole. If you wish to provide input into the governance process and help direct the negotiating team in their work, then please assist us by completing the survey in the link below:


Other outreach measures will follow as the need for more input and feedback becomes necessary.

Community Champions – In each MLFN a community champion has been selected to work with their community to keep membership informed of all current and upcoming developments for this initiative. These champions will ensure that members are supportive of positive developments and being heard when the process needs direction.

Research – Two (2) researchers have been added to the team to provide critical research information about best practices in tribal and community programs and services. Additional research includes collecting baseline data to record and measure progress in our communities. Research will determine which paths are most appealing to the MLFNs members and their leadership.

Communications – Communication on the progress of negotiations and current developments will be shared as they happen which requires a dedicated effort to making information available in the most common and accessible formats.

Program Enhancement

Justice and Lands & Resources – The governance initiative will work with the MLFNs to ensure that program areas like Justice and Lands and Resources are developed and directed by the communities and for the benefit of community members.

All program enhancements would be aimed at increasing capacity, governance, and collaboration among the MLFNs and provide practical solutions to key issues that the communities are facing on a regular basis.

For More Information:

Contact us by phone at 306-236-5654 ext. 1324 or by email at Governance@mltc.net

Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


Click the link below to read the Northern Pride Newspaper article:
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