About Justice

The Meadow Lake Tribal Council Justice Program provides restorative and community based justice services for the 9 Meadow Lake First Nations. The Justice program oversees the day to day co-ordination and operation of all aspects of the MLTC Justice Project.

Our Mission

The Meadow Lake Tribal Council works towards improving existing program and services delivery and creating program and services to meet the ever-changing needs of the nine MLFN’s.

Our Vision

To create healthy, sustainable, and safe communities.

MLTC encompasses a holistic view of the Justice system in First Nation Governments and works towards building a healthy community and lowering recidivism rates. Each of the MLFN’s house a Justice Coordinator who provides direct services to the community in which they reside. The Justice Coordinators are responsible for all mediation files, fine options plans, court appearances, and other justice initiatives within their communities. We at MLTC provide advice and direction to the Justice Coordinators on the development and implementation of community justice structures, plans and services; and works to serve as a liaison with the FSIN Indian Justice Council, the Federal and Provincial Governments and Justice sector officials. The Justice program at MLTC invests in people and their future. With the guidance of our Elders we strive towards building stronger communities, safer communities, and healthier communities. The MLTC justice staff is dedicated to the principals of restorative Justice and works effectively and arduously to bring these initiatives to the 9 MLFN’s.

The MLTC Justice program works in conjunction with the MLFN’s to ensure Justice Programs are educational, we work in creating awareness, and provide training and partnerships with these communities to provide assistance, guidance, and delivery of community based justice initiatives.

Microsoft Teams Platform ~ $50.00 Registration for the week. MLFN Members are exempt from Registration Fee ~ Registration Deadline is October 20, 2021. Download and complete the attached registration form to attend.