About Education

MLTC Education Governance

The Office of Education serves the nine Meadow Lake First Nations Schools in each of the nine communities and serves approximately 2200 – 2400 students. MLTC Education provides second-level education support services to the MLFN schools. This service includes the support of a Director, two Superintendents of Education, and Professional Coordinators and Consultants for various subject areas. These services are enhanced through the Department of Indigenous Services Canada’s New Paths, Special Education Program (SEP), and the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) Proposals. The Office of Education reports regularly to the Meadow Lake First Nation Education Authority Board of Education.

MLTC Board of Education

The MLFN Education Authority Board of Education is in the process of finalizing as a Federally incorporated Board of Education. The primary goal of Meadow Lake First Nation’s Education Authority Board of Education is to improve educational opportunities, services and student success for all students who attend the nine MLFN schools. The Board of Education consists of a Board Chair, Co-Chair and one representative from each of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council First Nations.

MLTC Board of Education Members

Chair Chief Francis Iron
Co-Chair Chief Richard Ben
Birch Narrows Dene Nation Dorothy Sylvestre
Buffalo River Dene Nation Debbie Billette
Canoe Lake Cree Nation Wilfred Iron
Clearwater River Dene Nation Brenda Janvier
English River Dene Nation Russel Black
Flying Dust First Nation Connie Derocher
Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation Donovan Fineblanket
Ministikwan Lake First Nation Bryan Crookedneck
Waterhen Lake First Nation Carol Bernard

MLTC Philosophy of Education

MLTC Education Second Level Services vision is to foster sustainable, meaningful, and supplementary educational services that promote lifelong learning through an Indigenous and holistic lens. Our mission is to empower member First Nations by providing sustainable supports that honor a reciprocal & relational exploration of bridging traditional and non-traditional knowledge that connects person to place. We achieve our vision and mission by operating under a holisticphilosophy that is based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the land, to their language, and to relationships. A Holistic approach that aims for life-long learning in all domains of development (mental, physical, social/emotional, and spiritual), that encompasses Meadow Lake First Nations values and beliefs, to prepare students to live well as contributing community members in both traditional and non-traditional ways of life.

Our commitment to empowering learners is in collaboration with the 9 Meadow Lake First Nations communities and school staff. Our goal is to provide second level service supports for the maintenance and development of quality elementary and secondary education within our 9 Meadow Lake First Nation Schools by building capacity, ensuring provincial certification, and responding to learners and schools individual needs. MLTC Education Second Level supports provided typically include:

  • Instructional Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Professional Services
  • Technical Services