Ministikwan Lake Cree Nation opens Youth/Prevention Centre


The doors have opened on the Minisitkwan Lake Youth/Prevention Centre.

With programs developed strictly for The Cree Nation, community members can approach prevention to help with clothing and food in dire situations. The program was developed to keep the community youth safe and fed, by doing weekly home visits/safety checks.

Elders of the community will be involved in parenting classes, as well as carrying on the oral tradition of storytelling. They will also be made available for one to one talks to help with addictions. The use of our traditional teachings to help against a contemporary problem.

The Youth Centre also has a full gym and a pool table.

Office hours: 9am-4pm Monday-Friday
Phone: 306-837-9644
JP Youth Mentors workers:
Sherri Chief
Burtie Crookedneck
Prevention workers:
Tina Alexan
Sherry Lewis
Rebecca Sommers
Therapists workers:
Kristin Heathen
Marie Heathen
Melinda Morin