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October 25

Retired Judge Gerald Morin and also Harold R. Johnson ~ Aboriginal Perspectives Justice
2 Families Affected by Murder-Suicide, Speak about Domestic Violence

October 26

Jake Bouvier ~ Addictions and the Impact on Justice

  1. Gang Awareness & Exit Strategy
  2. Staff Sgt. Ryan How
  3. STR8 Up Speakers Joe Keyseenow

October 27

  1. MMI Men & Woman ~ Camay Coghlan-Cameron
  2. MLTC Governance – Patrick Derocher
  3. JR LaRose ~ Motivational Speaker
  4. Michael Bull Roberts ~ Motivational Speaker

October 28

  1. Retired Judges, Linton Smith and Don Bird Sentencing Circle Process
  2. Irene Peepeetch’s Story
  3. Amanda Brown ~ Elder Abuse Awareness

October 29

  1. Traditional Roles of Men ~ AJ Felix
  2. Moosehide Campaign

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